I am very concerned about the future of the planet, as well as human and animal well-being. I am willing to limit our carbon footprint, produce responsibly and support local businesses. 

Flatshot of a shipping box and a postcard, with a bra and dried flowers.

  I favorise a European trading.
  I work with suppliers from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and the UK.
  I use exclusively cruelty-free fabrics.
  The French lace and fabrics are sourced in Europe mostly from deadstock, end-of-roll or swatches.
•  Swarovski® pendants are high-end man-made crystals, more environmental friendly than natural ones.
  The hardware is made of zamak, an eco-friendly metal. The zinc that makes up the alloy (95%) is of natural origin and infinitely recyclable. 


•  All products are made in our Berlin atelier.
  I produce almost exclusively on orders while fabric stocks last, which allow us to significantly reduce losses.
•  During fabric cutting, the wastage is minimized as much as possible. I use what is left for new designs or projects.

  Shipments are plastic-free and deliberately minimalist to avoid unnecessary wastage. The order is carefully wrapped in silk paper and sent in a cardboard shipping box sealed with biodegradable tape.

Delivery is made by climate-neutral DHL GoGreen.