The Brand

Founded in 2022 by French designer Inès Jacquinot, Lash Me Tender is a luxury lingerie brand aiming to reveal and enhance the feminine and sensual essence present in each living soul. Its stylistic influences are a sweet blend of the Parisian elegance and the Berliner sexiness.

In our society, it is largely frowned upon to fully express one’s femininity and sensuality. At Lash Me Tender, there is this strong belief that femininity is a gift and no one should be ashamed of expressing it.

The collections are an ode to the freedom for everyone to disclose who they really are, without any restriction. Wearing erotic lingerie is a way to show off your personality without having to say a single word, whether you go to a party, meet your lover or simply look at yourself in the mirror!

 2 women posing, wearing lingerie. One is lying down on a table, while the other one is standing behind and looking at the camera.